Palace on Wheels Coaches

Palace on Wheels train comprises 14 fully air-conditioned coaches named and recalled the princely states of Rajasthan has quite impressive interiors and ethnic Rajasthani decor that recreate the regal splendour of the past. Besides attractive interiors each coach has 4 twin bedded chambers equipped with music channel, running hot & cold water, shower, attached toilets, intercom, and wall to wall carpeting to enhance the pleasure of traveling.

Despite these, its personal attendants or Khidmatgars, each saloon mini pantry and lounge equipped with television, DVD player and small library, an exotic array of dishes including Continental, Chinese, Indian and Rajasthani cuisines at on-board restaurants and well stocked bar with wine and liquor always keep guests in high spirits.

No 01 : Alwar

Palace on Wheels India - Alwar Coach

In medieval period, an important place of trade & commerce, “Alwar”, The Land of Tigers, Tiger Gate of Rajasthan or Princely State of Rajasthan, is full of grand forts, palaces like Vinay Vilas Palace; Tomb of Fateh Jung etc. exhibit a unique and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.
With finely detailed royal standard and hunting features within it is remarkable, “Alwar coach” is styled with impressive kingly flavour.

Highlights :
  • Ceiling is aesthetically designed in cone work & relief oil, portraying a hunting scene.
  • Tone of pink color mark the interiors of the coach to the romantic ambience.
  • Lounge is adorned with the royal standard and miniature painting.

No 02 : Bharatpur

One of India's premier wildlife sanctuaries, “Keoladeo Ghana National Park” and World Heritage Site “Bharatpur” town offers to enjoy the view of over 350 species of birds, both native as well as migratory.
The same natural wilderness of the region is reflected in “Bharatpur coach”.

Highlights :
  • Relief work on the coach portrays various bird species on the tree of life.
  • The theme of ‘nature’ is further enhanced by the inlay work done in white cedar that depicts birds & peacocks, sitting on a Haveli.
  • Color schemewith plenty of beige and aqua green, is a stunning reminder of lush green forests of Bharatpur.
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No 03 : Bikaner

Palace on Wheels India - Bikaner Coach

Immensely wealthy, the desert city called “Bikaner” is famous for massive ancient structures: forts, temples, museums, palaces and last but not least colourful bazaars/markets which make Bikaner a heritage city well worth visiting.
By considering the same the magic of medieval splendour and colourful bazaars, “Bikaner coach” is designed in Mughal & Bikaneri style.

Highlights :
  • Color scheme (gold and burning red) used in Bikaner lounge is a good reminder of Padam Mahal and Anup Mahal of the Junagarh fort.
  • Ceiling is done up with relief work and an oil painting on canvas, portrays the legendry lovers Dhola and Maru on camelback.
  • Coach is adorned with handicrafts of Rajasthan.
  • Décor and art work of lounge is an ideal combination of Mughal & Bikaneri style,highly influenced by Bikaner School of Art.

No 04 : Bundi

Palace on Wheels India - Bundi Coach

“Bundi”, a small rustic town is full of baolis (step wells), water tanks, palaces and forts like Taragarh Fort reflect the splendour of the local Rajput chiefs at its best.
“Bundi coach” also tries to feature the same the architectural excellence of the town/ volumes of the associated legends on his cabins.

Highlights :
  • In one of the guest cabins, an imposing structure (Taragarh Palace complex) approached by the pavement that lead up to the Hathi Pol is depicted in water colour.
  • Ceiling depicts the famous oil painting Rang Mala, also known as Rag Ragini.
  • Color scheme is also praiseworthy as it depicts the royal charm of bygone era.
  • Decoration of the coach includes delightfully frescoed ceiling that mesmerize the viewers.

No 05 : Dholpur

Palace on Wheels India - Dholpur Coach

“Dholpur”, a sleepy little town of Rajasthan famous for historical forts, monuments and especially wonderful red sandstones that was used for lattice work for balcony railings and building, palaces makes Dholpur a popular city.
“Dholpur coach” also depicts the main characteristic of town at its best.

Highlights :
  • In Dholpur coach, the fencing is made up of teak plywood portraying the fine craftsmanship originally done on the red sandstone.
  • Decoration of the coach includes zardozi work that captivates the viewers.

No 06 : Dungarpur

Palace on Wheels India - Dungarpur Coach

:“Dungargarh”, a wild and rugged hill town of Rajasthan famous for unique architecture and Bhil tribal offers the best of tribal work of region.
The same exquisite architecture and tribals work of the region is reflected in “Dungargarh coach”.

Highlights :
  • Ceiling portrays a mixture of relief and mirror work along with the ‘lep’ work done by the tribal people on their house walls.
  • To add more royal feel, the coach is also adorned with intricate zardozi work.

No 07 : Jaisalmer

Palace on Wheels India - Jaisalmer Coach

Jaisalmer”,the fort or desert city famous for Jaisalmer fort, intricate havelis, cobbled streets, and ancient Jain temples remind the grandiose of Rajputana culture or the valour, martial pride, warmth and passion of Rajput’s.
Contrary to expectation, “Jaisalmer coach” portrays very beautifully city wonder and grandiose on its cabins.

Highlights :
  • Coach features carved jharokhas on the ceiling that are inspired from intricately latticed havelies with beautiful facades.
  • The entire work is carried on teakwood and to further enhance the work, mirror backing is provided.
  • Colour scheme with plenty of beige is a stunning reminder of desert sands.

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No 08 : Jaipur

Palace on Wheels India - Jaipur Coach

The pink city/Rajasthan’s capital is dotted with numerous royal forts,palaces, monuments, gardens and a heady brew of old and new is an excellent destination for whom to explore in eastern and central Rajasthan.
Inspired from the vibrancy of the state “Jaipur coach” is styled with impressive royal flavour.

Highlights :
  • Ceiling of the lounge is created using ‘Phad’ (foil work, a representation of various festivals such as Holi, Teej, Gangaur, Diwali etc.).
  • Coach is adorned with royal standard as most of the work is done in zardozi work.
  • Walls are adorned with miniature Jaipur style paintings
  • Ceilings have painted frescoes in a complementary color scheme of blue and gold.

No 09 : Jhalawar

Palace on Wheels India - Jhalawar Coach

The powerful kingdom of the Jhalas“Jhalawar”, a charming land with immense natural beauty has some beautiful temples and ancient Buddhist caves that make this town a historic heaven.
Taking inspiration from its kingdom, religion and culture, “Jhalawar coach” showcased a beautiful summary of town on its cabin.

Highlights :
  • Ceiling of Jhalawar lounge is decorated alike the homes of the locals.
  • Fusion of colours and mirror work used in the medium of plaster of paris gives an attractive touch to the ambience.
  • Coach is not only adorned with zardozi work but its traditional handicrafts on the table tops of the lounge captivate viewers a lot.

No 10 : Jodhpur

Palace on Wheels India - Jodhpur Coach

Jodhpur”, the blue city which is dotted with many palaces, havelis, temples and houses washed pale blue retains much of the medieval flavour and ambience that instantly bring to mind the grandeur and glory of ancient era.
For giving an insight of the regal magnificent art and deco style “Jodhpur coach” take inspiration from the Mehrangarh Fort and Moti Mahal.

Enquire About This Train Highlights :
  • Ceiling of the coach showcases the same craftsmanship originally done on Mehrangarh Fort and Moti Mahal.
  • Coach is adorned with Miniature paintings that reflect the old world charm and unspoilt royalty.
  • Décor and art work of lounge is done in Mughal style, highly influenced by Jodhpur School of Art.

No 11 : Kishangarh

Palace on Wheels India - Kishangarh Coach

:“Kishangarh”, the marble city of Rajasthan, is the only place in the world which is associated with one of India’s most famous schools of miniature painting (popular for Bani Thani paintings, an Indian version of Mona Lisa) and a temple of nine planets.
On “Kishangarh coach” local artists are trying their level best to portray the same popular Bani Thani painting with excellent combination of colors and intricate designing.

Highlights :
  • Bani Thani paintings of Kishangarh known for exaggerated features like eyes and long fingers have been recreated in the paintings done on the ceiling of the coach using acrylic, along with enamel and foil.
  • Zardozi work along with an artwork highly influenced by the Kishangarh school of Art showcased on the wall oflounge.

No 12 : Kota

One of the most lively and charming cities of Rajasthan “Kota” well known for its striking temples with numerous renowned stories behind them, historical forts, palaces with Rajput architectural styles and Kota school of design is an attractive tourist destination.
Taking inspiration from the glorious past, prosperous heritage and history of Kota kings, “Kota coach” tries to depict the main highlights at its best.

Highlights :
  • Kota Coach is decorated with oil paintings of “Raja aur Praja” (The Monarch and his subjects). This painting on the ceilings describes Raja Ram Singh II (1826-66) of Kota in the royal procession.

No 13 : Sirohi

Palace on Wheels India - Sirohi Coach

“Sirohi” well known for its rich culture and heritage offering some good places of tourist’s importance like Mirpur temple, Gold Fort which made the city popular all across the globe.
With finely detailed royal standard and colored glass work within it is remarkable, “Sirohi coach” is styled with Indo-European flavour.

Highlights :
  • Room of the coach showcases the same work originally done on Gold Fort.
  • Colour scheme and setting is also praiseworthy as it depicts the old royal charm of bygone era.
  • Decoration of the coach includes gold foil and glass work, along with semi-precious stones embedded in it.
  • Mounted miniatures are showcased in the coach.

No 14 : Udaipur

Nestled beautifully amongst the Aravallis, “Udaipur”, the City of Lakes or Historical capital of the empire of Mewar is famous for its forts and history of Rajputana.
Truly looking like countryside, “Udaipur coach” tries to portray the city rich cultural heritage and historic destinations on its cabins.

Enquire About This Train Highlights :
  • Colour scheme (blue and white) used in Udaipur lounge is a good reminder of City Palace.
  • Decor of the lounge is also influenced by the ´Mor Chowk´ or the Peacock Court.
  • Coach portrays a mixture of fascinating patra or oxidized white metal work and relief work.
  • To add more royal feel, the coach is also adorned with intricate zardozi work.