Chittorgarh – The Ancient City

After enjoying a safari experience, the Palace on Wheels Train will reach Chittorgarh on the same day. It is also called as Chittaurgarh. This place is filled with ancient forts and palaces. The oldest monument of the state is found in this city. This city has been ravaged three times in the past for its glory and treasures.

Sightseeing in Chittorgarh

The first and main attraction of this city is the Chittorgarh fort. This fort is located on a hill. The fort has seven gates and the best of all is the western gate which is also called as Rampol. The eastern gate is called as Surajpol. Most of this fort is now in ruins yet, this monument attracts numerous tourists every year.

Rana Kumbha Palace is the place where Queen Padmini sacrificed herself to the fire for her honour. It is also an important tourist destination. Other top places to enjoy near Rana Kumbha palace are Archeological Museum, Fateh Prakash Palace and SingaChowri temple.

Vijay Stambh or the victory tower is located near Chittorgarh fort. This tower was built in 15th century for celebrating the victory of Rana Kumbha over Mahmud Khilji. It is a nine storied tower and from each balcony, tourists can spot different monuments. Other top attractions near the tower are Padmini palace, Gaumukh reservoir and Sammidheshwara temple. It is said that AlauddinKhilji was allowed to look at the reflection of Queen Padmini from this tower through a series of mirrors. Smitten by the beauty of the queen, he invaded Chittorgarh, destroyed the city and the fort for the queen. But, the queen sacrificed herself by plunging into the fire to save her honour. There is a tower called as tower of fame which was built in 12th century.
Other important tourist attractions are Neelkanth temple, Bhimta tank, Kumbhashyam temple and many others.

Chittorgarh getaways

Bijaipur is located 40 km away from Chittorgarh. It is an ancient fort which is now a heritage hotel. You can find many ancient temples on the Bundi Chittorgarh road which is located 48 km away from Bundi. Nagri is located 17 km away from the city in the north direction. This place has many ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples.