Jaisalmer – The Desert Paradise

From Udaipur, the Palace on Wheels Train will take you to the next destination in Thar desert. Do not let the landform cheat you. Just because it is a desert, do not expect only camels, cactus and thorns. You can find numerous sandstone structures, palaces, forts and numerous other attractions. Jaisalmer is an important tourist destination in the state.

About Jaisalmer

This city is very crowded during January and February. The first reason is that the climate would be soothing in the desert and the second reason is the desert festival that takes place in Jaisalmer. During this festival, all the monuments and attractions would be decorated with numerous lights. You can find many fairs, dance performances, folk performances, competitions and many unique shows like Mr. Desert contest, turban tying contest and performances by different folk artists.

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer

This is also called as the golden city of Rajasthan. There are numerous ancient attractions and the best of all is the second oldest monument in the state, Jaisalmer Fort. Patwonki Haveli is the grandest haveli in the state. There are numerous museums and desert culture centres where you can spend considerable time enjoying the culture and history of the state. There are a few Jain temples with unique architecture. Nathmal ki haveli and Salim Singh ki Haveli are two other havelis to visit. The best of all and the most romantic tourist spot in Jaisalmer is Gadsisar Lake.

Jaisalmer getaways

If you are ready to travel a little away from Jaisalmer, there are numerous small tourist attractions outside the city. Khuri is a small village that provides a real feel of traditional Rajasthan. This is a good place for sightseeing and photography. Manvar is small place in the desert where you can enjoy desert-based attractions. Pokhran is a must-visit place for enjoying Sam Sand Dunes, camel safari and also for desert camps and moonlight dinner in the desert.